OH YEA!  Get involved and register now for Welcome East 2019!


Welcome East 2018 is made possible by our most excellent sponsors!

Welcome East 2018 is made possible by our most excellent sponsors!

Stay tuned for news on Welcome East ‘19


Port City Mopeds and Trigger House are collaborating to bring you The "Welcome East" Motorcycle Show 2019 - Seacoast NH's annual motorcycle show!  This show is here to stay in our hometown, Portsmouth, NH - so lets get in gear for yet another year!

The show will serve as an opportunity for the motorcycle community to show off their rides in a friendly atmosphere to like-minded enthusiasts. Show up, show off, drink beer, vote on the coolest wheels, shoot the shit, rock out, then get out!

Motorcyclists of ALL persuasions are welcome to enter! Motorcycle, moped, scooter, trike, monstrosity, you name it - please submit an application for entry! New/modern, vintage/retro, stock, modded, restoration, rat, princess, we don't care - motorbikes of all sorts will be present so there is sure to be something for everyone! This is a community event, so ALL are welcome! Submit an application for review, or just come by to spectate! 
The show is on Saturday, September 28th 2019 at 3S Artspace - 319 Vaughan St - Portsmouth, NH.

Awards for Best in Show - Most Chrome - Best Moped - Prettiest Princess Bike - Dirtiest Rat Bike - Best Custom - and more!

...details constantly developing... so stay tuned!


For further information regarding submissions please email: